Clipping Biz Sepcial Offer

Clipping Biz always provide many special offer. Clipping Path, Shadow Services, Photo retouching, Remove Background, color Correction & Neck Joint service or Ghost mannequin removal service is our most regular work that we deliver. Online shop owners, Garments buying house, Magazine business owners, Photographers need this mannequin removal service to enhance a product with better appearance and to show the product neck joint properly. We serve neck joint or mannequin removal services with in house professional designers who are experienced for several years. Normally there are two or three parts of one image with ghost mannequin appearance.

By combining inner parts of the image, the neck part is created to view the product as if the apparel is wore by a ghost or i.e only the apparel is exhibited for better understanding of the product. And it will take maximum 20-30 minutes for our designers to process each image. Here are our detailed price lists and special offer for Ghost mannequin removal service or Neck Joint service: