Complain Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Please keep in mind that any experience of actually making a complaint may be an intimidating one, we would consider it acceptable for any service-user to be accompanied by a friend or close supporter when making a complaint to Clipping Biz.

This measure is designed to protect any individual who might be disabled or disadvantaged in any way by age, physical or psychological impairment, or fear.

You can contact us by email if you believe a service was not properly done by us, or we may have missed something. You can send us an email with your exact requirements and specifications along with the attached source file.

Where a complaint involves a number of different issues which require action by different members of staff, officers in the Customer Service Centre will send a letter of acknowledgement and then enter each complaint as a separate CARS (Customer Action Request System) entry to be

The Director Corporate Services is responsible for the coordination of the complaints policy and procedure, including the analysis of data.

The Customer Service Centre is responsible for overseeing the process of monitoring and reporting the progress of the complaint and any responses made.

  • If you are a face to face counseling client, complaints should be made in the first instance to your counselor, either verbally or written. If the matter cannot be resolved satisfactorily you should express your concern to CLIPPINGBIZ Director, by contacting the office.
  • Complaints or feedback regarding the helpline services should be communicated either to the Telephone Helpline Supervisor, or to Clipping Biz Director.
  • Other complaints can be directed to Clipping Biz Office Manager.
  • Clipping Biz Head Office : Block C, Road 2, House 40 Mirpur 12, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Complaints will be discussed by Cliiping Biz Management and responded to within four weeks of the date we receive it.
  • If the person who made the complaint is not satisfied with the response they should contact the Chair of the Trustees who will conduct a full internal investigation. A written response will be made within four weeks of contact with the Chair of the Trustees. Letters to the Chair of the Trustees can also be sent to the CLIPPINGBIZ office.

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